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Aman Ya Beladi
The idea of the security awareness – oriented Radio Program Aman Ya Beladi emanated in 2010 with the aim of dealing with security issues of people's concern and interviewing top police officers to shed light on each security subject and answer the public's inquiries.

The following are the objectives of the program:
  • Raising people's security awareness to the paramount importance of security and safety in society.
  • Manifesting the role of police bodies and throwing spotlight on the key tasks shouldered by them.
  • Excellence in the tasks carried out by Police G.H.Q.
  • Boosting public's trust in police.
  • Raising the public's awareness to the importance of cooperating with police as a prerequisite for establishing security and reassurance within society.
Publication Date: 2017-11-26
Your safety is our aim.. let's preserve it
Publication Date: 19-11-2017
Special security services
Publication Date: 12-11-2017
Safe winter
Publication Date: 30-10-2017
Traffic Challenges
Publication Date: 23-10-2017
The risk of fires and gas leaks and toxic substances
Publication Date: 15-10-2017
Sharjah Police Youth Council
Last updated: 13-12-2017
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