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Commander Speech
Dear brothers:
The initiative of the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan of declaring 2018 as the ‘Year of Zayed’ in the country has pleased our people and happened joy in everyone hearts. The initiative expresses our love and loyalty to our late great leader who left his great legacy to his people and his homeland and his nation. His great legacy which is overflowing with all humanity extends across the globe from its east to it west.

Dear brother:
The initiative provides the citizens with an opportunity to express their love, loyalty and appreciation for the unlimited giving of the founding leader Zayed, the benevolent. The Year of Zayed will highlight his role in establishing the Federation, and the unity of the nation as well as its development, prosperity, progress and pride. His achievements that made the nation to extend its giving and benevolence to people of Arab countries and Islamic worlds.
The Year of Zayed is a great national occasion when all we will proudly express their feelings of love loyalty towards the great Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and memorize his glorious history of giving, his gift to us of deeply rooted values, principles and traditions that have become part of our Emirati identity.

Dear brothers:
The people of the UAE did not need an occasion to celebrate, or to express their loyalty and gratitude to the late father, the benefactor, but the initiative offers a window through which we can see and recall his great experience in order to further the pride, and appreciation of what Zayed had achieved in terms of building the human, and enhancing his role and status.

Dear brothers:
the life of the late Shaikh Zayed, may God bless him and grant him peace, has been filled with many great deeds, great achievements and sincere work which contributed the prosperity of the people of the UAE and the peoples of the Arab and Islamic worlds, and even the world at large. His efforts and his important roles have dazzled the world.

Dear brother:
The year of Zayed is not only a recall of the time of great wisdom, the history of our people, and our nation and its march, but also it commemorates his Insightful vision, his high values, and ideals that derived from the originality of the doctrine Islam.
Despite This occasion gave us the opportunity to express our feeling of love and gratitude to our founding father, but still is not enough to reflect our deep love to Zayed, the benevolent. It is not enough to share the great love of feelings and exchange it with all the nations and peoples knew him and received his gift. Our prayers to the great leader, God bless him, and glory and immortality for his everlasting achievements
Last updated: 12-12-2017
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