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Commander Speech
Dear brothers:
Based on the principle of transparency and releasing of the facts to the public, we presented the achievements of the Sharjah Police and the results of its operations over the past year to the media through the annual forum that we organized for this purpose. The heads of the police departments in their presentations through the forum were keen to be transparent and clear. They highlighted the Success as well as shortcomings and the factors that led to these outcomes in both cases

Dear brothers:
Our efforts have recorded many positive results, which were reflected in the decrease in crime rates in general, the disappearance of many negative phenomena, and the occurrence of many positive variables on the traffic culture. The spread of traffic culture has reflected on the behavior of driver positively which contributed to reducing traffic accidents, the decline of run over accidents. In addition to the success achieved in controlling of the trafficking attempts, promoting and peddling of the drugs.

Dear brothers:
We are confident that the success which has been achieved as a result of cooperation, the responsiveness of the police and the support of its strategic partners from institutions, public bodies, and the private sector. Addressing the shortcomings and overcoming the obstacles and difficulties would not be achieved without such cooperation. So that to achieve continuous success we need more support partners, strengthen cooperation with members of the public.

Dear brothers: With this outcome, and in light of its indicators, we start the new year 2018, with many plans which aspire to achieve greater security and stability in our society and looks forward to reducing the rates of crime in all its forms and types and increasing the ability to confront them. We will make efforts in raising awareness levels and contributing to eliminate the crimes with the support of the society and its institutions that will give everyone a role in supporting the security situation.
Last updated: 19-02-2018
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