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  • Najeed Service
    Sharjah Police receives your calls confidentially to ask for help when assaulted, threatened your security or the security of others, or suspicion…
  • Traffic Fines
    Service provided by Sharjah Police to inquire about traffic violations
  • Traffic Accidents
    The car involved in the accident, a blue BMW, was heading to Al Qasba Square, coming from...
  • Nearest Police Center
    Service provided by Sharjah Police to determine a police station closest to your location
  • Complaints system and views
    Quality of service provided by the Police H.Q. in the country organs within the priorities of the Ministry of Interior to pay attention to ...
  • Awarenes
    Inspect around the vehicle and ascertain the tire pressure and road condition
    Commander-in-Chief Speech
  • Based on the principle of transparency and releasing of the facts to the public...

Last updated: 19-02-2018
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