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Dear users,
We have immense pleasure providing this service for people with special needs via our website. kindly follow the below instructions when filling in designated application form:
  1. Make sure you enter correct information.
  2. Conditions of obtaining permit:
    • Vehicle should be registered in Sharjah Emirate.
    • Person with special needs (handicapped) should be himself the driver of his vehicle..
    • Valid driving and vehicle licenses should be provided.
    • A medical report of the type of disability attested by government hospital should be provided.
    • A handicapped card issued by Social Affairs Dept should be provided.
  3. Required documents :
    • A photocopy of vehicle's license..
    • A photocopy of driving license.
    • A medical report attested by government hospital.
  4. Notes :
    • Permit is valid for one year.
    • Permit is obtained without fees.
  5. As soon as application form is sent, applicant will receive a message with reference number.
I have read and agreed to all conditions.

Last updated: 20-02-2018
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