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Dear users,
Trucks are allowed to pass through Sharjah Emirate's roads under the following conditions:
  1. Abiding by the destination mentioned on the permit. .
  2. Cargo should be transported to the destination mentioned on the permit.
  3. Permit is invalid after expiry of validity period..
  4. Trucks should stick to the rightmost lane; speed allowable limits and traffic signs.
  5. Trucks should not pass under bridges and on tunnels.
  6. Abiding by the axle spacing and loads shown on the permit, and avoid overload.
  7. Before heading to the desired destination, and also in case of changing time of the trip, or in emergencies, Police Operation Room Tel No. 5634444 should be contacted.
  8. Violators of the aforementioned instructions will be subject to traffic penalty.
I have read and agreed to all conditions.

Last updated: 18-02-2018
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