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Police Magazine
Published by Sharjah Police G.H.Q, Al Shurti Magazine was established in 1988 as per the decree of Director General of Sharjah Police.
The first issue was published in August 1988 under the title (Al Shurti – a monthly police, cultural bulletin). Since then, new issues have been published monthly. Later, its contents were beefed up to include reportages, news of police activities, researches, police, social and legal studies, in addition to articles, columns, coverage of various police events and others.
A host of writers, from both inside and outside UAE have contributed to the magazine. The number of magazine's pages ranged from 36 up 100 pages in its latest issues, and till now it is regularly published. Number of published issues per annum is 12, and 48000 copies are circulated annually.
Publication Date: 2017-10-01
Issue No (351) – October 2017 corresponding to Muharam1438 AH

About the Content : - His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi receives honorary doctorate from Calicut University.
- RTA launches many projects to enhance traffic safety and reduce run-over accidents.
- Lt General Al Shaffar visits Sharjah Police.
- Brigadier Al Shamsi attends Sharjah Police Emirati Women's Day celebrations.
- Inauguration of joint electronic platform at Wasit Police Station.
- Why are they dying of thirst in the desert?
- This is why Sharjah Police Youth Council was established.
- Sharjah Institute for Heritage highlights the importance of using story in treatment.
- Our kids are our real investment.
- Hamriyah Police Station, a security activity and a distinguished presence at national and community events.
- How to control you without you feel?
- Form the field.
- Interrupted fasting.
- Winter activities in Mullaiha take you to the world of adventure.
- Security values.
Publication Date: 01-09-2017
Issue No (350) – September 2017 corresponding to Dhu Al Hajjah1438 AH
About the Content : - Sharjah Police gears up for the starting of the new school year.
- Brigadier Mohammed Rashid Biyyat: safety feeling indicator is one of the strategic goals to promote safety and security in UAE.
- SAVE Initiative, towards an integrated electronic system free from papers.
- Sharjah Police monitors traffic condition and violators from air.
- Legal culture.
- Al Buhairah Police Station.
- How to choose suitable nursery for your child?
- Sharjah girls Sajaya, an investment in potential of talented girls.
- Carrying others bags may hold you legally liable.
- Darkness general.
- Safety and security precautions in vehicles are preventive obligations.
- The role of human resources planning process.
- An interview with UAE caricaturist and writer Khalid Al Jabri.
- Al Majaz Waterfront.
- Security values.
Publication Date: 01-08-2017
Issue No (349) – August 2017 corresponding to Shaual 1438 AH
About the Content : - Behavioral deviation correlation with family.
- Early childhood, a link between child's physical, emotional and mental development.
- Children with criminal records.
- Sharjah police Research Center.
- Spreading rumors and interacting with them is a red line.
- Using social engineering to detect harmful email accounts.
- Psychological rehabilitation of prison inmates.
- An operational study on fire accidents in Sharjah industrial facilities.
- Renal failure.. a silent disease.
- Dear traveler.
- From the field.
- Bring down the fender.
- Security values.
Publication Date: 01-07-2017
Issue (348) – July 2017 – Corresponding to Ramadan 1438 AH
About the Content :
- Sharjah – a World Book Capital.
- Your child and strangers - children feeling bears witness to any abuse on them.
- International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2017.
- Al Shurti Corner.
- An interview with Dr. Shaikah Al Miri.
- Sharjah provides special care for construction labors.
- Knowledge is easy, change is hard.
- Saving concept among Gulf families.
- A hopeful, painful message.
- Glimmers on the protection of our children.
- Till when?
- How to save a person from a stroke?
- Sharjah Police launches My Security is My Neighbor's Security Service.
- Security Values.
Publication Date: 31-05-2017
Issue (347) – May 2017 – corresponding to Shabban 1438 AH
About the Content : - Sharjah Police: Tolerance is the key to security and stability of people.
- Sharjah Police and AUS join efforts to counter the scourge of drugs.
- Dancing with snakes.
- Wasit Comprehensive Police Station.
- A book Review: spirit of the place.
- A review of the new traffic control and regulations law.
- Balanced diet during Ramadan.
- Challenges of emigration and advantages of the hosting country.
- Community Service Law... a paradigm shift in UAE's laws.
- Criminal evidences examination is a delicate work which requires high skills.
- Splendor of Islamic civilization under one roof.
- Security values.
Publication Date: 30-04-2017
Issue 346 - April 2017 - corresponding to Rajab 1438 AH
About the Content : - His Highness Ruler of Sharjah inaugurates 9th Edition of Sharjah Children Reading Festival.
- Police Science Academy celebrates the graduation of 17th Officers Batch.
- First Public Relations Forum – Present and Future.
- An interview with Staff Major General Mubarak Bin Auaidha Al Khaili, Chairman of Retired Military Personnel Association.
- While enjoyable, Jet Ski Sport is beset with dangers.
- Ramadan... a beloved month that visits us every year.
- Crossing from undesignated areas problem.
- A reportage about Sharjah Police Youth Council.
- Good word is a charitable act.
- Why does the West advance, and do Arabs deteriorate.
- Police follow up... Integration and community happiness.
- Abortion Crime.
- Invasion of minds.
- Security Values. v
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