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Terms and Conditions

Sharjah Police applies rules of using its website on all visitors and users. In case of misuse of the website by any user or violation of terms and conditions or a suspicion of the same, access to website will be denied, and violating users will be prohibited from using the website. Users are strictly prohibited from violating the applicable website's security procedures and regulations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Unauthorized access of data, servers and accounts.
  • Attempting to finding out weakness points in the system; violating the security of procedures or documenting them without sharjah Police's permission.
  • Tampering with services rendered to users or trying to damage networks or hosts by, for example, placing viruses or malwares on the website; overload it; posting adverts on it or destroy it.
  • Sending unwanted electronic messages to the website, including those intended for advertising products or services, or falsifying TCP and IP, or any part of the address details in any electronic messages, or sending news messages.
  • Using Sharjah Police website by any means for sending an e-mail, carrying out any activity via it or on its behalf, by referring to it, or assuming its identity and its name involving defamation of Sharjah Police , its website , any person whomsoever or announcing any false news or information and ascribing them unrightfully to Sharjah Police G.H.Q.
  • Violators of usage rules, website and network will be held criminally and civilly liable, and investigation into such violations will be immediately launched, and legal actions shall be taken against violators.
Last updated: 20-02-2018
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